Thank you to the National Museum of Ireland, Country Life

We have had two amazing and epic adventures to Turlough Park recently.

Huge thanks to Tom and the teams.

We undertook some exciting, speedy and challenging orienteering using the latest in digital tech! Orienteering is part of our PE curriculum. Bodies and brains got a work out as the children raced around the park grounds to meet the challenges.

Map-reading, part of Maps, Globes and Graphicacy skills are fundamental to our geography curriculum. In addition, the mathematical elements emerge as the children engage with pattern, co-ordinates and shape, space and measures. It’s a wonderful all-rounder and might be available to families soon. Keep an eye on their website.

The initial challenge- the maze…it looks simple, don’t be fooled!!!

They are dashing around in the distance!

A Mini-Beast Workshop was next on the agenda.

The children made their way to the river, and after a short talk, some were brave enough to investigate the straining nets for aquatic and amphibious creatures!

We made our way back to the courtyard workshop for some investigations. We used pipettes, petri-dishes, magnifying canisters and containers with mirrors and magnifiers to bounce light around- these helped us see the creatures from the top and beneath!

They’re fast little swimmers, comedic at times!

We classified the creatures we saw, using a nifty map key, and used a microscope to observe further.

Ms Walsh isn’t afraid of these tiny foe, and settled many-a-nerve for some present!!!

We learned a great deal about these creatures and the health of our water systems, based on their very presence. We’re lucky!