Some Temperature Investigations

We’re studying the weather at school.

As part of our practical work, we investigated heat.

We used thermometers and some spoons to affirm our conductor predictions! The metal spoons reduced the temperature of the water.

We took temperature measurements as part of our investigations and recorded these in tables.

We’re making charts and will have projects at the end of the unit of work.

As part of project design, we’re stepping into the new curriculum framework and the children have had a huge voice in our undertakings. This includes one specific area of focus, and in the design of our assessment tools and self-assessment practices; from learning quality ‘facts’ to delivery of presentations! Superb work from the gang.

Notably, in many circles, the weather is considered a science…STEM or SEE in the future? We’ll see! But we will continue with thematic integration as always for now!

Here are some simple snaps of their investigative work yesterday…