School Calendar for 2022 – 2023


School will re-open on Wednesday 31st August 2022

Closures are as follows; (this is the standardised school year)

28th October  (Friday)                                      Closing for Hallowe’en Break

7th November (Monday)                                 Re-opening after Hallowe’en Break

21st December (Wednesday)                          Closing for Christmas Holidays

5th January (Thursday)                                   Re-opening after Christmas

6th February (Monday)                                    St Brigid’s Day/Imbolc

16th and 17th February (Thursday & Friday)    Closed for mid-term

17th March (Friday)                                        St Patrick’s Day

31st March (Friday)                                        Closing for Easter Break

17th April (Monday)                                        Re-opening after Easter

23rd June (Friday)                                          Closing for Summer Holidays

Please note dates are subject to change