Some of our Christmas Activities!

Inside each little box is a secret message!

We have been discussing personality traits we value, as part of self identity in SPHE.

We integrated our maths into our art display, making and measuring triangles to create stars!

We wrote some Christmas stories. We used various images stored in our material on Google Classroom, these became the stimuli for our tales!

Recently, we went to hear a storyteller in Turlough House. We will recite our tales with some oomph and dramatic flair this week!

We wrote some short scéalta!
We wrote postcards to the owner of the woods, when we stopped to watch them fill up with snow!

We thoroughly enjoy exploring poetry; pushing ourselves to question the themes, the meanings, the messages.

We used PJ Lynch’s illustrated version of the Frost poem. A wonderful, inspiring exploration of the tale. And a surprise when you consider the rider is a girl- lots to think about.

Letters to Santa: Just in case he didn’t get the first ones!

A display from Jerusalem! Many moons ago, teacher was in the old town and gathered some interesting paraphernalia. We used these to help us understand the tale of Baby Jesus and the journey to Egypt which followed, seeking refuge.

We also read a beautiful Martin Waddell tale about the birth of Christ; there’s always room for a little one in our sacred space at school.