Rocks and Soils and Our Local Natural Environment

We’re studying rocks and soils…today we used Google classroom to assess ourselves with a quiz at the end of the work! We’re growing to be a very tech-savvy bunch!

We went on a number of nature walks; we found fossils in the Old School yard walls, we gathered wildflower seeds down the boreen and we’re saving them for spring.

We had a look at this fossil…


Our new soil has arrived, thanks to the GIY initiative, once again, we’ve been successful and have been given another year of soil, bulbs and seeds! We will have happy planting ahead in spring- vegetables and local wildflowers with our saved seeds.

Thanks to GIY for our supplies and regular updates.

Thanks to Dr Karina Dingerkus for her amazing workshops over Heritage Week, helping us bring biodiversity, seed saving knowledge and sustainability practices to our children in Errew.

What gardeners we will produce!

Finally, we assembled our annual Bord Dúlra with our leaf rubbings, our seeds and nuts, various leaves and harvest collections! How lucky we are in Errew’s Natural Environment.