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Our School

Errew NS is a three-teacher school in Errew, Castlebar.   We offer advantageous class sizes, in a multigrade setting, with favourable pupil-teacher ratios.

In Errew, we enjoy a tranquil slice of the natural world, being positioned in the crook of the junction at the main road.  We have the old-school to one side, now a community building with its future ahead of it; mature trees stretching inside its walls.  Towards the Monastery we see rolling fields, mature deciduous trees cloaking the building itself from late Spring until the Autumn.  There is a little lane we can journey upon to observe the horse-chestnut trees’ green bursts in March and April, and hear the dry crunch of the ash, oak and sycamore leaves each autumn.  We collect acorns for our future mighty oaks!  Our natural environment is truly one that sets us apart from other school environments.  We are incredibly lucky to be situated in one of the most beautiful locations in the county.

We have a strong educational history in Errew, stretching back to the time of Errew Monastery in the 1800’s.  Our school is steeped in history and we continue to enjoy very high educational standards to this day.  We provide a unique and collaborative approach to education encompassing all intelligence types and recognise difference and individuality in all our pupils.  We build on the strengths of our pupils and ensure they feel successful and valued for who they are.

We share joyful moments and celebrate fun – laughter is a staple of our daily encounters amongst pupils and staff.  We work closely with parents and the school community to ensure each child has access to a high-standard of equitable, holistic education; feels respected and valued; and has a sense of responsibility and resilience as a member of our school community.

We’ve always had a strong community and our parental network is outstanding both in their support of our work and in their thorough engagement with their children daily – the conversations, the discussions, the interest taken in their children’s daily lives from the routine everyday work to the exciting and unusual undertakings.  They also work tirelessly to help with funding raising, and in the maintenance and upkeep of the school surrounds and grounds.

Errew NS (also known as St Bridget’s NS or Scoil Naomh Bríd) is a Catholic school under the patronage of the Bishop of Tuam.  It is managed by a Board of Management, elected according to the procedures agreed by the Partners in Education.  The school has a Catholic ethos and this ethos is a guiding principle in the formulation and implementation of our ethos.  This ethos recognises the value and dignity of each pupil and all those working in the school community, and aims at promoting the full and harmonious development of all aspects of the person.  We are proud of our spiritual heritage.

This ethos also acknowledges the cultural and religious values of all the pupils attending the school.  The school recognises that the parents are the primary educators of their children and we support them in that role We are honest about what we can provide, and will advise you of same.

We offer advantageous class sizes with a very high standard of education.  The multigrade nature of our school means your child has multiple opportunities to engage with the curriculum.  By the time your child is finished in Errew NS, a thoughtful, astute and respectful young person will be making their way to secondary school, fully aware of how to be a valued member of their community.  This is what they can expect to experience in Errew.

If you are interested in enrolment in Errew, please email secretary@errewns.com and we will get back to you.  Upon enrolment each February, we will supply you with our enrolment documents, school details and Parent’s Association details should you like to get involved.