Hallowe’en Updates

Dear Parents,

Thank you for helping us stay safe this half term.  We will close on Friday for midterm and return to school on Monday November 2nd as usual.

Some updates:

Most parent teacher meetings have been held.  We ask that you email your child’s class teacher to schedule a meeting if you have not had one and haven’t heard from the teacher.

Once again, our work has been exceptional this half term – we have achieved so much and are delighted with the progress made since we re-opened, the children are galloping along.

Homework has had some ups and downs, but in the main, most children are working away well each Monday through Wednesday evenings – we will keep you informed as things progress and advice is rolled out to us from DES.  For now, we are happy to keep workloads light and limit the transfer of materials.

Ms Tiernan’s Junior Room will be starting their remote learning strategy See Saw in the next half term.  The families involved will receive an email directly from Ms Tiernan which sets those children up with this helpful online tool, should it be necessary, in the future.

Google Classroom will continue to be rolled out in November and so far our start has been very good, despite our internet woes!

Hallowe’en costumes are most welcome tomorrow – the children can wear their uniforms beneath or opt to change later in the day for their comfort.  We are delighted that the children can have their Hallowe’en Parties at school, as we know the restrictions will hit their trick-or-treating plans hard this year.  So we’ve put in place a safe trick-or-treating strategy at school.  Exciting times in Errew!!!

Although this is a most unusual year, we have had a fantastic term to date – we have achieved so much and the children seem happy and content each day, we are a COVID success story.

Thank you sincerely for all your work in helping us stay safe, stay happy and stay open.  A special thanks to the children for their resilient spirit since we re-opened; they have been amazing.  We will see you (from a distance!) in November.

Happy Hallowe’en!

Evanna Charlton