A Special Message from Fr Conal

Dear Parents,
I wish to thank you all for the remarkable and generous response you gave to the last minute invitation you received late on Monday night to celebrate your child’s First Holy Communion yesterday. When you consider that in a normal year you would have liked to know what date in the following May the celebration was to take place in order to put plans in place, it was quite extraordinary how you managed to adjust your plans at the very last minute and made such an effort to be there. It cannot have been easy for you and I want you to know much we, the Parish team, have appreciated what you did so graciously. We all know it was not what we would have imagined the occasion would be like but I hope that it was still an occasion which the children enjoyed and which meant a lot to you. For us, it was just as special as on any other occasion and I hope that came across to you. We congratulate the children and trust that their memories of the evening will be one of happiness. May God bless them and you and all your extended families.
I also want to thank the Principals and the class teachers for the way in which they immediately took on all that needed to be communicated to you at such short notice. That meant so much in the circumstances and it could not have been done without their wholehearted support.It reminds us again how truly blessed we are to have such educators in our Parish schools.
May all of you be kept safe from all that would harm you in these difficult days.
Yours sincerely,
Fr. Conal, on behalf of Fr. Shane, Fr. Dixy, and Mary.–
Conal Eustace