Update re First Holy Communion

Dear Parents,
I have been made aware of the disappointment of parents about the time of our 1st Communion celebration on Sunday October 19 at 4.30. I fully appreciate that it is far from ideal but I want you to know how very restricted we were both in days and times when arranging the 10 celebrations. We wanted to ensure that every school was treated equally which is why all celebrations are on a Sunday. Had the church been free on Saturdays we could have chosen those days but that was not possible due to previous bookings and other commitments of the priests. 
As regards the time, the reason we have had to choose 2.30 and 4.30 has to do with the need to allow sufficient time to sanitise and then ventilate the church after 12.30 Mass and allow 30 minutes to get everybody in, ensuring social distancing as they do so. The same procedures and time are necessary after the first celebration before we can proceed again. Such are some of the restrictions with which we are obliged to comply and which prevent us being able to celebrate such a special day in the lives of the children and of their families in the way that we and you would like. However, our experience last Sunday with both celebrations was a very happy one and I trust that yours will be so also.
Yours sincerely,
Fr. Conal.