August 24th – Update for Parents

Dear Parents,

Please see the following updates:

  • Sinks – Our new sinks are in! We now have two sinks in each classroom.  This will provide practical time-saving opportunities to the children and their teachers once we’re back at school as we work hard to keep COVID-19 out.
  • Homework – there will be no homework during the month of September, other than reading and spellings, if applicable. Once we’re established in our new routines, we will begin giving homework again, as appropriate, from October onwards.
  • Uniforms – there is no official guideline to suggest uniforms must be washed daily. We ask that the children change out of their uniforms after school each day, before their evening or social activities begin.  This will hopefully reduce the risk of contaminants getting into your home, and vice versa.
  • Lunchboxes – the children may need their lunchbox washed/cleaned daily – depending on the material it is made from. Hard surfaces hold the virus for longer.  Please be mindful of this for the safety of your child.
  • Curriculum – SPHE and PE – the DES have provided guidance on Wellbeing, as mentioned, and also on PE. Getting into the fresh air is an advantage during these difficult times.  Please be mindful of this in choosing footwear for your child.  As always, children may choose to opt out of specific PE lessons, but they will need comfortable footwear in the yard.  We are aiming to reduce the impact of classroom restrictions by allowing for more opportunities to run and play outside.
  • Face-Coverings – the current guidance asks that staff wear face-coverings where a 2m distance cannot be observed.  We’ll be wearing face-shields at the doors each morning and evening, and during the school day as appropriate.
  • The following websites provide further information on COVID-19 and on government advice and recommendations regarding the re-opening of schools: –
  • The following websites provide further information on handwashing:


Please note that our guidance changes regularly and we’ll keep you updated.  Many thanks.


20th August Update