Senior School Tour

The senior room enjoyed an action packed school tour at the fantastic Bay Sports Athlone!

Once the wet suits and life jackets were on it was time for the water park! Kayaking and rafting soon followed and turned out to be trickier than it looks!

Next up was the water-based obstacle course which ensured everyone was sufficiently soaked!!! Paddle boarding was a relaxing way to lead us into lunch time.

We finished the day with the forest trek, toasting some marshmallows and some team-building exercises.

We stopped for a well-earned burger and chips and some goodies before our journey home…what a day!

Our pupils represented their school superbly holding themselves to a high standard of outstanding behaviour. They’re a dignified group and we couldn’t be more proud!

A special mention to the boys and girls who had to play football matches that evening! Wow 😴